Happy Summer, Twister Family! We hope you’re beating the heat and soaking in these summer days. Camp Twisters is in full swing at Twisters in Boca Raton and Coconut Creek. Campers are having a blast with our new Ninja equipment at Boca Twisters and dressing up for themed fun and games on Fun Fridays. Our teams are in full summer training mode and parties are rocking on the weekends. We can’t believe it’s almost August… Time really flies when you’re having fun!

This month we are delighted to announce our featured Twister. She’s been with Twisters since 2001… that’s TWENTY ONE incredible years. She is the Director of Operations at Boca Twisters… The one and only….

Coach Sara, a fan favorite, a pillar of strength and a force for good within our organization truly has grown up with Twisters, and has also helped Twisters grow to where we are today. She’s an awesome coach, a fantastic leader and an incredible mom …and speaking of growing, she’s helping our Twisters family to continue to grow with new tiny Twisters! Please join us in congratulating Coach Sara on the birth of her brand new baby girl, Taylor!

Baby Taylor was born on Wednesday, June 1st at 1:38PM to Coach Sara, her husband Greg and older brother, Jacob. We can’t wait to meet beautiful Baby Taylor in the gym soon!

We would also like to congratulate proud Grandma, Debbie Madiou, who is also a longtime, much-loved and integral member of our Twisters family. Debbie also welcomed, on the very same day as baby Taylor, a new Grandson named Jackson, born to her son, David and his wife, Katy. We are so happy for their family, and we are sending them all our love and best wishes!

We caught Coach Sara in a rare moment in between her *SuperMom* duties to answer a couple questions for us. Here’s what she had to say:

Coach Sara on what she loves about working at Twisters:
“I love working at Twisters because it is truly my second family. I spent my childhood on our competitive team where I began encompassing our companies core values and carried that with me until today. I am proud to work alongside the amazing staff we have and I love that we are constantly learning from each other daily.”

On building relationships:
“I truly love the relationships I have not only with our staff but also our students and parents. I feel as though building genuine relationships and finding out the needs of our individual clients has helped facilitate the strength of our program to what it is today.”

On Twisters and motherhood:
“Another wonderful quality I have learned from working at Twisters is patience. Each of our students has their own strengths and weaknesses and it takes time and patience to get to know what the needs of our students are based on who they are. This lesson in patience has shaped me into the mother I am and I am so grateful to our students for helping me learn this.”

Lots of love and best of luck to Coach Sara, Grandma Debbie and their sweet family. We are so glad they are a part of ours.

Twisters Gymnastics