Boca Twisters, otherwise known as Twister Gymnastics of Boca Raton, was thrilled to welcome YouTube superstar Like Nastya and her dad to our gym in her recent YouTube episode “Dad helps Nastya become self-confident“. Check out the video below!

Like Nastya finds her strength at Twisters!

In the episode, Nastya’s dad is working to help Nastya find her confidence in multiple ways. Nastya is worried about an upcoming sports competition at school, so her dad takes her to Twister Gymnastics of Boca Raton to help her find her strength and confidence through gymnastics.

When Nastya arrives at Twisters, she’s in awe of the colorful gym and excited to get started. She had fun learning handstands, doing straddle jumps on the trampoline, flying over the trampoline in belts and learning back bends over a barrel mat. She ended her fun time at Twisters with a back flip into the foam pit.

She finishes by saying,
“Now I’m Stronger!” – Nastya

How does gymnastics help kids find their confidence?

Gymnastics is a fantastic foundation for all kids to help build strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and so much more. Learning and mastering new skills helps kids feel confident in their body and their ability to set and achieve new goals. The skills kids can acquire in gymnastics can translate well into most all other sports and are not exclusive only to gymnastics.

To learn more about the benefits of gymnastics, check out our blog post called “15 Reasons to Enroll Your Child in Gymnastics

Who is Like Nastya?

Nastya (real name Anastasia Radzinskaya) is an 8 year old YouTube sensation.

“According to Forbes, in 2019 Anastasia was “one of the world’s fastest-growing creators, thanks to videos in seven languages”, becoming the third highest-paid YouTuber in the world, with an estimated annual income of $18 million.[1]

Altogether, her channels make her the biggest children’s YouTuber in the world and the most popular children’s videoblogger on YouTube in terms of total views and subscribers, and she is the third-largest children’s YouTuber in the world by subscribers alone.[7] Her largest channel (Like Nastya) is the 8th most-subscribed channel in the world.[8]” – Source: Wikipedia

Why Twisters?

We’re not just gymnastics… Twisters is the place to go in South Florida for all of your favorite kids activities; preschool gymnastics classes, grade school gymnastics classes, tumbling classes, kids birthday parties, kids fitness, kids summer camps and kids school year camps.

We offer gymnastics classes for kids of all ages; beginning with our mommy and me (parent/tot) preschool classes all the way up to teen gymnastics classes.

Twisters is also home of Team Twisters offering competitive gymnastics teams from levels 2-10. Team Twisters has produced many college scholarship athletes who you will find honored on our “Twisters Wall of Fame”

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