The many benefits of gymnastics are no secret, especially to Twisters families. In fact, we shared a blog a while back detailing 15 Reasons to Enroll Your Child in Gymnastics, and even that list just scratches the surface. But today we want to focus on one of the most special benefits of gymnastics, and that is the friendships that blossom here in the gym. More than just perfecting flips and mastering bars, gymnastics fosters friendships that empower young athletes. The gym becomes a supportive community where gymnasts develop unique bonds through shared challenges, perseverance, and the thrill of victory. These friendships built on mutual respect and encouragement play a vital role in a gymnast’s socio-emotional development, providing a strong support system that goes beyond the awards podium.

We’re excited to introduce you to a pair of Twisters families who met through a parent/child Preschool class and became fast family friends. These families went from seeing each other weekly in the gym, to now regularly bonding outside of Twisters, from holidays to movie nights, swimming, fishing, dinners and more.

We interviewed them about how their friendship formed and what their experience has been like creating memories together both in and out of the gym.

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How did your families first meet through your kids’ classes at Twisters?

Melissa: Through mommy and me class (or Daddy and me).

Danny: Just by normal interaction at the mommy and me class. 

What do you feel it is about our classes at Twisters that help foster strong bonds between families?

Melissa: We all have something in common. See each other weekly. For the kids, to have the ability to feel like team inside and outside the gym.

Danny: The tone and persona that the teachers use, and it helps that it’s a small community of kids in each class which keeps it more manageable for the coaches and more impactful for the kids.

American Twisters gymnast in red leotard on beam with arms up straight

How has being a part of the Twisters community enriched your family life beyond just the gymnastics aspect?

Melissa: It keeps our kids kid athletic so we can enjoy an active lifestyle

Danny: Meeting other parents that are like-minded while watching our kids in their class has led to more playdates, more friendships and more memories for our kids. Also, having an awesome place to have kids birthdays with a hands off experience for the parents so they can soak in the memories instead of having their hand in everything that goes on when giving your kid a birthday.

In what ways do you see your children’s gymnastics experiences at Twisters positively impacting their social skills and friendships?

Melissa: We feel it has helped their social skills by learning to be patient, friendly, kind and respectful. And getting to unwind with kids, his age, but still in an organized manner.

Danny: It has taught him patience (not cutting in line), respect (to their coaches) and taught him how to get along with many different types of kids outside of his day-to-day at school.

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Do you have any advice for other families who are considering enrolling their children in gymnastics classes at Twisters?

Melissa: Yes! Do it! It’s more than just gymnastics

Danny: I would encourage them when they start at Twisters to understand there is so much more of a benefit to your kids than just learning gymnastics! There are new relationships built (with the coaches for the kids), with parents meeting other parents and setting up playdates, learning more about other schools that other kids go to, activities. Also, the award ceremonies are held twice a year that the kids get to experience and they “earn” their trophy. In addition to all of this they can also rely on twisters to offer a great summer camp that is packed with fun and fitness.

Can you share your experiences with the coaches and staff at Twisters? How have they contributed to your children’s growth and enjoyment of gymnastics?

Melissa: So this is my favorite question and really the reason we have stayed at Twisters for over 5 years! We started the moment our kids could walk and they’re now entering kindergarten and 2nd grade. The coaches are the experience at Twisters. They motivate the children and encourage them and help them to see that they can believe in themselves. Extra special thank you to Coach Sara, Coach Stephanie, and Coach Kory who has been so prominent along the way.

Danny: My son has truly enjoyed every coach he has had over the last 3 years. He gets challenged every time he goes and likes to meet the new kids that come to the class. He always asks me to record him the last 10 minutes when they play in the “pirate ship” and he slowly built his way up to jumping off it. Now that he is 5 he asks me “Daddy, please take a picture of me in slow motion jumping off the pirate ship”. He also looks forward to the stickers or stamp that he gets after each class!

What’s the most fun thing your families have done together outside of the gym?

Danny: Oh boy there are too many to list but here are a few. Movie nights, Halloween together on the golf cart, fishing on the Intracoastal, pool time, splash pad time, playing at each others house, beach time, putt-putt golf, dinners at restaurants right after gymnastics etc.

Melissa: We do all sorts of fun stuff!! I think Danny nailed it already.

American Twisters gymnasts in red leotards at the Sun And Surf Spectacular meet

Have you or your child forged any new friendships through your experience at Twisters? How have these friendships enhanced your life? Let us know in the comments below!

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