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Celebrating Twisters Moms

May is for Moms! Before this month comes to a close, we wanted to take a moment to recognize the special Moms and mom-like figures in our life. Twisters is super fortunate to have many moms who are a part of the Twisters family of coaches and staff. We say super fortunate, because we know that many of the strong qualities that make people great moms, also make them great employees who work with children. Some of these benefits of include: Experience and Patience: Moms often have a wealth of experience handling children of various ages. This translates well [...]

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Friendship and Family at Twisters

The many benefits of gymnastics are no secret, especially to Twisters families. In fact, we shared a blog a while back detailing 15 Reasons to Enroll Your Child in Gymnastics, and even that list just scratches the surface. But today we want to focus on one of the most special benefits of gymnastics, and that is the friendships that blossom here in the gym. More than just perfecting flips and mastering bars, gymnastics fosters friendships that empower young athletes. The gym becomes a supportive community where gymnasts develop unique bonds through shared challenges, perseverance, and the thrill of victory. [...]

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Creating a Winning Mentality in Gymnastics and Beyond

Competition season is in full swing for our competitive team gymnasts. It’s when we see the culmination of all of the hard work of summer and fall training come to fruition. Now is the time to be in the zone, the time to put our skills to the test and show what we’re made of. Twisters has long been one of the top competitive gymnastics teams in the nation, especially at the highest levels. Twisters regularly produces state, regional and national champions at multiple levels, was twice named USA Gymnastics Florida Club of the Year, has produced multiple Nastia [...]

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Featured Twister – Coach Sara and her new Tiny Twister!

Happy Summer, Twister Family! We hope you’re beating the heat and soaking in these summer days. Camp Twisters is in full swing at Twisters in Boca Raton and Coconut Creek. Campers are having a blast with our new Ninja equipment at Boca Twisters and dressing up for themed fun and games on Fun Fridays. Our teams are in full summer training mode and parties are rocking on the weekends. We can’t believe it’s almost August… Time really flies when you’re having fun! This month we are delighted to announce our featured Twister. She’s been with Twisters since 2001… that’s TWENTY [...]

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A Message of Hope from Twisters

It's June 2020…I look up and glance across the gym until my eyes find yours…and there you are…I see you with a big smile on your face…since the moment you were born I knew that my heart would forever exist outside my body… you showed me love like I had never known before… the world is so magicalthrough your eyes… I feel what you feel, and that smile on your face says it all…you’re so happy to be back.You’ve been talking about this for weeks…while the world was on pause you’d ask every day…” is it time to go back [...]

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15 Reasons to Enroll Your Child in Gymnastics

Having been a staple in our community for over 25 years and working hard to become one of the best gymnastics organizations in the business, we at Twisters are familiar with the many benefits - both inside and out of the gym - that gymnastics can provide for children. It is our mission at Twisters to help develop happy, healthy, responsible kids. With that in mind, we want to share with you an article written by Miranda Martin with Flo Gymnastics called, "15 Reasons to Put Your Child in Gymnastics."You can read and view Miranda Martin's original article on Flo Gymnastics by [...]

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Twisters Gives Back!

DID YOU KNOW? For over 25 years Twisters has been a pillar in the South Florida community. We have supported students in our area through school donations worth over $250,000. Twisters takes pride in giving back to our community and we take very seriously our mission to develop happy, healthy, responsible kids! Twisters supports multiple local charities including our annual holiday Angel Tree gift drive and our yearly National Gymnastics Day fundraiser event benefiting the KidSafe Foundation. Please let us know if your school or foundation has an upcoming event. We are here to help! If you have a non-profit charitable [...]

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Twisters Stands with Survivors

Dear Twister Members: Twister Gymnastics stands with the army of sister survivors who rightfully demand immediate change in the secretive, abusive, and unethical culture of USA Gymnastics that enabled the sexual abuse of 150+ athletes at the hands of Dr. Larry Nassar. For far too long USA Gymnastics, the governing body of our sport, their board of directors and the national staff have turned a blind eye to abuse and instilled a culture of fear in our country’s most talented athletes. The culture of USA Gymnastics must change, and this change requires a complete overhaul of the board. We too [...]

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