We take pride in our great big, ever-growing Twisters family. So many of our Twisters coaches and staff members have children who take classes or attend camp at our gyms, and even family members who also work here. Our love for Twisters gets passed down through the generations. On that note, we’d like to introduce this month’s Twisters blog feature. A triple-generation Twisters family…

The LoBue Family! With Grandma, Mom and Dad working for the organization and a daughter in classes, Lindsay, Steven and Ellie LoBue are a true Twisters family. Lindsay has been working for Twisters and USA Competitions since 2006 and is now Director of Event Registration for USA Competitions and the Multimedia Director for both Twisters and USAC. Steven is a Professional World Champion High Diver/ Cliff Diver and has recently joined the Twisters family as a Pre-Team/Team Conditioning Coach. Daughter Ellie, who just turned three, is currently enrolled in the Tadpoles preschool program at American Twisters. “Grammie” Sharyn Strickland was a collegiate gymnast, who then became a coach as well as a judge, and she is still judging and working as the Director of USA Competitions today.

Lindsay, a former full-scholarship athlete in the sport of Springboard Diving, graduated from Florida International University in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Relations from the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. She has been a part of the Twisters and USAC family dating back to 2006, when she began working registration at gymnastics meets, eventually working in customer service at American Twisters and progressing to her current position as Multimedia Director and Director of Event Registration. She met husband, Steven, through the sport of diving. They married in 2014 and share daughter Ellie, and two dogs, Gracie and ZZ.

“I love working for Twisters because not only have my coworkers become my second family, but I also truly believe in the value of this organization and the people who make it up. I’ve seen it grow over more than a decade and I couldn’t be prouder of who we are and what we aspire to be.”

-Lindsay LoBue

Steven LoBue is an accomplished Professional High Diver/ Cliff Diver. He is the 2017 FINA High Diving World Champion and is currently competing in his 9th consecutive season on the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series. He is the 4th winningest diver in Red Bull Cliff Diving history, the first American to ever win a Red Bull Cliff Diving tour stop and the first man to ever compete a front quint somersault with a half twist (pike) from 27 meters! So, not your average gymnastics coach, but with a Bachelor’s degree in Health and Safety Teaching and Physical Education from Purdue University (2009) and decades of coaching and conditioning experience and expertise, plus his USA Gymnastics, SafeSport and KidSafe certifications, he makes a great addition as American Twisters’ newest conditioning coach!

Ellie, age 3, is having tons of fun swinging, balancing, bouncing, jumping, climbing and singing in the Tadpoles preschool class at American Twisters every week. Ellie has been around the gymnastics world since before she could walk or talk. With gymnastics and diving so entwined in her genes, she’s a natural already. Her parents love watching her learn new skills and have tons of fun at the gym and also know that the lessons that the sport of gymnastics provides both in and out of the gym are invaluable.

“This is three generations of Twisters! My mom is part of the organization, my husband and I are part of the organization, and now we get to watch our daughter have a blast in classes. I feel so lucky to be a part of the Twisters family, and that I can now share it with my own family.”

-Lindsay LoBue

We are thankful for the LoBues and all the unique families who make us who we are. So now when you see one (or all) of the LoBue’s in the gym, feel free to smile and say hello!