Twisters Village

The American Twisters truly believe that it takes a "village to raise an exceptional gymnast". There are so many facets and factors that go into the growth and development of a college scholarship and elite gymnast that the Twisters have established a "village" of people to help.  Below you will find information on the PEOPLE and the PROGRAMS that are all part of the all inclusive Twisters Program.

Twisters Sports Psychology Program  (Click Here for more info)

       Dr. Christine Hiler, PhD conducts sports psych small group sessions with all of our optional level girls Levels 6 thru Elite every other week. She works closely with the girls on goal setting, psychological performance enhancements, and group/team dynamics. 

Twisters Nutrition Program (click here for more information and sample menus)

       Registered dietitian Nicole Marchand Aucoin provides small group lectures with all of our optional levels (6 thru elite) every other month. She has also designed a Twisters Nutrition Handbook for all Twister gymnasts and a video of her lectures to the gymnasts are sent home to the parents.

Twisters Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Care (click here for more information)

      ACTION Physical Therapy under the guidance of Dr. Kerry Kagan, DC, Chiropractic Physician, visits Twisters gym each week for a two hour time period. She reviews injuries, provides rehab programs and even isolated sports massage and adjustments to those girls who parents have signed a “parent consent to treat form”.

Twisters Podiatry Wellness Program (click here for more information) 

         Dr. Gregory Boco, DPM visits the Twisters a minimum of once a week to look at any lower leg problems due to trama or “overuse”. He recommends specific rehab and logical workout adjustments to enable the fastest recover to complete wellness of the problem to those girls who parents have signed a “parent consent to treat form”. The goal of the program is to prevent problems before they happen and to get girls back into full training with the minimal amount of changes to their workout regimen.

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