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Program Description
There are 10 competitive levels in the USAG, UGC and AAU programs. There are Levels 1-5, which are Compulsory levels that require all gymnasts to perform the same routine, and are judged according to a model of perfect execution and presentation. Level 6 has Compulsory Elements that must be performed, however the Coaches determine Choreography of the routines. Levels 7, 8, 9, 10 and Elite are Optional levels, in which gymnasts perform routines based on difficulty, execution and composition. Each level in the J. O. Program has its own rules regarding age and minimum standards for mobility. In addition to a minimum entry age, there are also various age divisions within a level.

TOPS at Twisters
Fifteen years ago the USA Gymnastics Federation initiated a TOPs (Talent Opportunity Program) for the purpose of identifying young gymnastics talent throughout the United States. For the past 7 years, Twister's has had a specific in-house TOPs training program in place, in an effort to prepare children for the annual State and National testing. Gary Anderson, our Team Head Coach is responsible for setting up and implementing the criteria and training for this group. He has tremendous knowledge of this program due to his service as Chairman of the National Pre-Elite Committee, which establishes the criteria and administers this program nationally.

There are usually very definite and difficult criteria used for the selection of this group, based on age related results of strength, flexibility and skill testing. However, this past year has shown us that all compulsory level girls can benefit from the TOPs training. Therefore, the TOPs program this coming season (2014-2015) will be “open” to anyone interested in getting an extra day of training that is TOTALLY devoted to the development of strength, flexibility and “air sense.” This is a “strength, flexibility and air sense” developmental program and is completely independent of the “competitive” AAU and USAG “levels” structure. The girls will still continue to compete at their various levels along with their teammates.

USAG Description
USAG Description (Twister Levels XCEL - Elite): The USA Gymnastics Level program is an incremental program, with Level One being the entry Level (Lowest) and Level 10 being the culminating Level (Highest). At Twisters, gymnasts begin to compete USAG when they enter the XCEL level. From there they progress to compete in levels 7-Elite.

Please see the Handbook for additional information and visit for additional information on USA Gymnastics and its programs.

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Competitions Hosted by Twisters:

A subsidiary of Twisters, USA Competitions hosts numerous gymnastic meets throughout the nation. Twisters Competitive team participates in all of these meets

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